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old_gc's Journal

Old School Good Charlotte Fans
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This community is for people who are fans of Good Charlotte and their first self-titled CD, early EPs, etc. and basically hate the stuff they put out now (Young and the Hopeless, TRL, All Things Rock, etc.)

1) You must be a fan of "old school" Good Charlotte.
2) No flaming other users or overdose of profanity.
3) You CAN be a fan of "the new" Good Charlotte, but don't go on about how Good Charlotte is still cool and that this community doesn't make sense or whatever. And you MUST like the old GC as well.
4) No teenies. Don't go on about how "bEnJi iZ sEwWwW HaWt!" or "Gc iZ LyKe SeWwW pXnK RaWk!" and stuff. We'll just laugh and you'll be banned.
5) Have fun and make new friends. Represent the old school GC!

After you join, post an introduction about yourself (general info, how long you've been a GC fan, where you heard about GC & this community, etc.)

Maintained by xdarkriotx. Add her as a friend and she will love you.