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Oh! Intro!

Hey! I liked to be called Admiral Sid, Admiral, Sid or Strings while I'm online. I'm 15 years old, sometimes I act like it, sometimes I don't. I'm a girl and I live in my head.

I've been a Good Charlotte fan for about five years now...I first heard them when I was listening to the radio and cleaning my room back in sixth grade or so. I found this community by surfing around.

I'm sarcastic 98% of the time. I'm wild, loud and extremely outgoing around my friends, but I'm a schitzoid when I'm not with them. I have paranoia. I'm highly opinionated and I seldom let my thoughts go unheard.

I am a fan of all Good Charlotte stuff, new and old (including demos and whatnot). As of right now, what's in my CD player is Good Charlotte Self-Titled. That's about it I guess.

I do own my own community, fuct_up_gc_kids, so feel free to check it out.
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