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Delete this if need be. I thought it was semi-related...

Yesterday was the worst day in Maryland rock history.
At 11:55 AM, the legendary HFS was changed into a Spanish dance music station. The legacy of Maryland's rock has been transformed and destroyed forever.
In case you didn't know, it was the 1998 HFStival that Good Charlotte received their first big break. From their performance on the local's only stage, only wonderful things began to happen for them.
If it weren't for the HFStival, we might have never known them.
As a listener and supporter of WHFS for over ten years, I implore you to attempt to revive what gave the Maryland local music scene the love and respect that it deserved. Fight for the music.
Bring Back HFS Petition
I'm sorry if this post was not allowed, but I am only trying to spread this message to all those who have ever had respect for something we all know and love: the beginning of Good Charlotte and the spread of local music. Delete it, if you need to.
Thank you for your time.
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